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  What is Pulse?

When the brake pedal is pressed, Pulse causes the third brake light to rapidly pulse 4 times. (The pulsing does not repeat upon any subsequent application of the brakes for 5 seconds so as not to annoy trailing drivers in stop-and- go traffic.

From PulseProtects.com:

"Pulse is an award winning solid state electronic rear end collision avoidance system designed for use in automobiles and light duty trucks manufactured after 1991. When you press the brake pedal in your car, Pulse causes the "3rd" brake light (a.k.a. Center High Mount Stop Lamp, or "CHMSL" for short) to pulse four times, warning the driver behind you that you are slowing down or stopping. 37% of all accidents are rear end collisions, and 28% of those are deemed to be a "total loss" by an insurance adjustor. A recent DOT study demonstrated that approximately 90% of all rear end collisions are avoidable if the trailing driver had just one extra second of warning. Pulse can provide that warning."

See How Pulse Works


According to the Department of Transportation, 90% of rear-end collisions could be avoided if the trailing vehicle had one extra second of warning.


DOT and manufacturer studies have demonstrated that Pulse increases the reaction time of the trailing driver by almost 50%.


DOT studies showed that a distracted driver is 69% more likely to notice you stopping or slowing with Pulse onboard