How to Transport Your Holiday Goodies

The holidays are here again. It's the perfect time of year to visit with your relatives and enjoy some great food. If you'll be making a few trips to the homes of loved ones this holiday season, keep these tips in mind.

Cover your seats with a tarp or a large blanket before you put food inside. This protects the seats and floors in case there are any spills. You can even put the food in a sleeping bag to prevent spills and keep the food warm. You can also put a large rubber band around bowls and dishes with lids to keep the lid from coming off.

If you have a dish that includes icing or gravy, but these items in a separate bowl or bag and add them to the food once you arrive to prevent spills in the car. You can also use a large cooler to store the food so that you'll have all your dishes in one place and create a sturdy barrier between the food and your car's interior. Happy holidays!
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