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Miller's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

48 Kelly Island Rd
Directions Martinsburg, WV 25401

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Keys to Having a Safe Time on Your Road Trip

Having a safe time on the road trip means taking some time to prepare for things that might happen in the car. At Miller’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Martinsburg, WV, we have a service center that can perform the necessary maintenance to your vehicle before you go on your road trip. There are also many of things you can do at home to prepare for your road trip before you leave.

1. Change out the wiper blades and be sure the washer fluid tank is full.

2. Be sure there is a spare tire, that it is working…

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Small Changes Add Up to Better Gas Mileage

Fuel economy is easy to get if you know what to do. Keeping your tires properly inflated can possibly save you some money on gas. If you're not sure what the proper inflation is for your tires, you can check inside the driver's side door jamb or in the glove box. It's best not to go by what is printed on the side of the tire because it's not as accurate for your specific vehicle. You can also get better fuel economy by making sure that you get your regular oil changes. You also want to…

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2017 Chrysler 200: Get After It

If you think of Chrysler and think of America's automotive past, it's time to think again. That's because the latest Chrysler 200 sedan is reimagining what an American-made luxury sedan can be —one that's rivaling it's class-competition enough to be dubbed "Imported from Detroit." The four beautifully sculpted 2017 Chrysler 200 trims feature an exterior of virtually seamless curves and angles for a stately, yet aggressive stance.

640 × 480


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The Chrysler Pacifica Lands Top Honors From Cars.com

Have you ever dreamed about fitting your whole family into the top overall vehicle on the Martinsburg roads? But how can you fit everyone into a sports car? You can't. Luckily, a sports car isn't the top vehicle. Nope, a minivan is.

The Chrysler Pacifica has been named the Best of 2017 by Cars.com.

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How Much Air Do Your Tires Need?

Most of us are aware that we need to put air into our tires, but exactly how much? If you are unsure, you can generally find the correct tire pressure on a decal inside the driver's side doorjamb. It may also get located inside your glove box. Or you can always run your vehicle into our dealership at Miller’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Martinsburg, WV, and we would be happy to help. If your vehicle has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, then a light will flash on your dash or light up continuously to let you know…

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Brake Service at Miller's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

When you own a vehicle, it is important to get it maintained on a regular basis. It is very important to make sure that all of the parts are working properly. One of the parts that need to be monitored is the brakes. This part allows you to stop the vehicle and otherwise keep you safe at all times. Since the brakes are critical to keeping you safe when driving, it is important to get them inspected on a regular basis. You will need to get your brakes checked and evaluated at least once every year. However, it is always…
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Windshield Repair

The windshield is among the most vital parts of any car as it allows you to clearly see traffic and other things in front of you when you drive. Due to this being a very important part of your car, the windshield must be kept in top condition in order to ensure safety. Since the windshield is made out of glass, it is extremely fragile and therefore it is very susceptible to getting damaged. It is always being punished by the elements such as dirt and debris. Therefore it is often getting weaker upon impact with various objects. Eventually, the…
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RAMBOX Cargo Management System Innovation at Work

We just saw the best video we’ve seen in a long time. Miller's Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram just got a look at the new RAMBOX cargo management system featured on the new RAM 1500. We never knew that a truck could do half of the things that the new RAMBOX system does. One of the complaints that customers have had in the past with pickups are tie down points that got in the way. RAM now features tie down cleats that when you are done, fold out of the way.

Our customers will love watching this video and…

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Ram's Real-Life Owner Story

Ram trucks are built to last in just about any environment.
Ram owners have shared their life story through the views of this vehicle.
One couple has been married for just over 20 years.  They live in a suburban area where the husband spends a lot of his time building houses and other infrastructures.  He is a general contractor.
This young but experienced couple has spent a great deal of time hauling around equipment in trucks. Ram has reached out to them and offered the truck for them to use on the job.
The husband spends a majority of his…
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